3 Generator Maintenance Tips You Can Use To Extend The Life Of Your Machine

Posted on: 13 September 2015


Generators can be essential in an emergency, and if you own one, it is important that you keep it in great condition so that it will work when you need it to. Use the following generator maintenance tips to prolong the life of your generator and keep it working well.

Use Fuel Stabilizer

Over time, fuel in your generator might start to degrade if you use the machine infrequently. If this happens, you might have problems starting your generator because of gum buildup, varnish and the poor quality of the fuel. To make sure this doesn't happen to you, add a little fuel stabilizer to the generator every time you add fuel. The stabilizer will prevent degradation and help you avoid having to waste fuel.

If you opt not to use fuel stabilizer, be sure to empty the fuel tank every time you use the generator. That way, there will be no gunk or buildup in the tank when you need to use the generator again.

Check Spark Plugs

The spark plugs in your generator are little devices that work to ignite the fuel inside the machine. Cracked, dirty or burned spark plugs might interfere with the generator's ability to function. Before you use the generator, ensure that the plugs are in good condition. You can even keep extra spark plugs on hand so you can always change them quickly and easily if necessary. Spark plugs can be acquired at any home improvement store.  

Replace the Filter

A clogged filter might prevent the startup of your generator, but even if your generator starts normally it will have to work much harder if it has to function with a filter that is full of gunk and debris. Check the filter on a regular basis to make sure that the filter is intact and not completely clogged. Replace it every so often so that you can be confident that it is working as it should. If you aren't sure what kind of filter to buy, bring the old filter along with you.

Now that you are aware of some maintenance tasks you can do to ensure your generators lasts a long time and works properly, use the information laid out above to help keep your generator in good condition. Enlist the help of a generator repair shop if you think you have a problem or just want an assessment of the condition of your generator.