Buying A New Farm? 4 Tips For Purchasing Used Farm Equipment To Save You Money

Posted on: 14 December 2017


If you bought a new farm you have already spent quite a bit of money. Fortunately, you can save money by choosing used farm equipment instead of buying this equipment brand new. If you decide to do this, below are four tips so you can be sure you purchase equipment that will work well for you.

1. Do a Thorough Inspection

Once you find the equipment you would like to purchase first inspect it thoroughly. Make sure you do this before you give the owner any money or sign any type of sales paper. Inspect the body structure for any rust, dents, or other problems. Check the motor, oil, battery, and other parts. Ask the owner how old the parts are and how often the equipment was serviced. They should be able to show you maintenance logs.

If you need to hire a mechanic that works on farm equipment to come with you.  Drive the equipment before you buy it, so you can be sure everything runs well.

2. Look at the Paint

Look at the paint on the equipment carefully. It will be easy for you to notice if there are any areas that have been over sprayed or if decals have been painted over. Over spraying can signify someone trying to hide a problem. If decals are painted over, this signifies someone painting the equipment quickly instead of taking the time to do it right without covering the decals.

3. Ask for Ownership Evidence

Get the Product Identification Number (PIN) from the equipment and then check it to ensure the equipment is legal. The seller should be able to show you paperwork that proves they are the owner of the used farm equipment. If it looks like the PIN number has been tampered with, this is not legal and you should look elsewhere for farm equipment.

4. Go to a Reputable Dealer

One way to know for sure that you are getting the right equipment is to go to a reputable dealer. For example, there is likely someone in your area that sells used farm equipment like Big Springs Equipment. They check the equipment before they buy it and sell it on their lot. The equipment will go through a complete service to ensure everything runs like it should.

Talk to the dealer where you purchase your farm equipment if you have any questions. They can also give you many more tips on choosing used equipment.