Planting A New Garden? Ways To Make Your Tractor Work For You

Posted on: 29 April 2018


If you've recently purchased a home on a large plot of land and you're getting ready to plan your spring garden preparations, you may want to put your tractor to good use. While most people think of garden preparation as a manual process, it can be made much easier when you use the equipment you've invested in. If you've never used your tractor for this, there are a few attachments you should consider to help you get the job done.

Plow Attachment

Especially for land that hasn't been worked very much, you need to make sure that the soil is well prepared before you plant. One of the easiest and best ways to do this and ensure that all of the existing growth is worked into the soil is to invest in a plow attachment to do the work for you. They usually have a three-point hitch, and they attach easily to smaller tractors. This could save you hours of trying to break up the ground and work the soil manually. The plow will get deep below the surface and give you quality, loose soil to work with for your planting purposes.

Bedder Attachment

If you've ever prepared a garden bed and spent a lot of time and effort to establish the rows and all of the soil hills, you know how much work that requires. You can get your garden ready to go in a fraction of the time if you invest in a bedder. The bedder is designed to create the rows automatically, and the process also generates the hills between them. These attachments come in a variety of widths, so you can pick one that will not only fit the tractor that you use but also the size of the bed that you're working with.

In addition, there are several additional features you can get with your bedder. A sweep attached to the bedder will break up the tire tracks left by your tractor as you run the bedder over the soil. This is important to eliminate compacted soil where the tires run. You can also get a furrowing attachment, which will create an indent in the top of each hill for seed placement. When you add both of these to a bedder, you can prep your garden bed in a single pass with your tractor instead of having to do it by hand with garden tools.

Cultivation Attachments

Cultivating the soil to remove weeds and other intruders can be painstaking work. Luckily, a cultivator attached to your tractor can help you get the work done in minutes, making it far easier to pull the weeds from the soil. The cultivator has a high center, allowing it to move with ease over your growing crop, targeting only the problematic weed growth.

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