Purchasing A New Tractor And Have A Small And Farm? Tips To Help You Purchase The Right One

Posted on: 15 July 2019


If you are purchasing a new tractor for a small farm, there are many things to consider before you start shopping. Below is information on choosing the right transmission, as well as accessories you can choose as you look at tractors for sale


When you start shopping for a tractor, you will find there are different transmission options available. An automatic transmission works great if you are planning to do things like field work, clearing fields, cutting hay, and planting.  These transmissions are also known as hydrostatic transmissions. This type will also be more expensive to repair if something goes wrong.

You also have the option of choosing a manual transmission. This type is less expensive and best if you will be using the tractor to pull a lot of heavy things. This is because a manual transmission has an extra lower gear to give the tractor more pulling power. You will find it is not as expensive to work on this type of transmission if you have problems with it.

Accessories You Should Choose

There are a variety of accessories you can purchase along with your tractor including:

  • Auger:  An auger attaches to the tractor to allow you to dig holes, such as holes for planting things like tree, footer holes for things like foundations, and post holes for fencing.
  • Plow:  Plows can be attached to the tractor to move things like large piles of dirt, manure, and much more.
  • Bush hog: A bush hog can be used to cut brush, weeds, and tall grass.
  • Disc harrow: A disc harrow is used to till up soil before you start planting.
  • Spring tooth harrow: This type of harrow smooths out the soil.
  • Forks: A fork attachment can be used for different purposes, such as moving large hay bales, water troughs, and heavy pallets.
  • Hay rake: This attachment scrapes hay in windows. This attachment also comes with a baler that is used to turn hay into hay bales.

Take Measurements

Before you start shopping, take measurements on your farm. For example, measure all narrow areas, as well as gates. You need to make sure the tractor you choose can fit through any area that you need it to.

Write down the measurements or put them in your smartphone to take with you when you are ready to look for a tractor.

Talk with a salesperson at the establishment you are buying the tractor from to help you make the right choice.