Automatic Animal Feeders – The Gadget You Need To Get Them Fed Quickly

Posted on: 23 October 2019


There are so many great gadgets that help feed and care for the animals in a home, on a farm, and on ranches. Now, you can get some help without having to hire an extra hand to help you get all of the animals fed each morning. Here, you'll find a bit of information that can help you find some gadgets to keep the animals fed without running you ragged.

Automatic Animal Feeders        

This is one gadget that can be beneficial for the pets inside your home, as well as those outside. These feeders come in various sizes and with optional features.

You can choose gravity-fed automatic feeders or electronic, time-released automatic feeders. With the gravity-fed feeders, you'll dump the feed into a holding bin and the feed falls through a tube into a feeding trough. The food will continue to fall until the bin is empty.

With electronic feeders, you can set a timer so that a certain amount of food will be released at a set time. This is a great feature for animals that tend to overeat or that need to shed a few pounds.

Power Options

If you're considering the electronic automatic feeder, you might be worried about how you'll get power to the unit. Well, that's easy – there are solar panel systems that provide more than enough power to operate fully. You won't have to run any electrical wires or worry about charging a battery all of the time – the sun will do the work for you.

Watch for Rodents

Anytime there's feed involved, you have to worry about rodents getting into it – the same goes when it's loaded into the feeders. Make sure that the lid is always secure – on both electronic and gravity-fed systems.

Install the feeder up off of the ground. You want to make the rodents work for it if they're going to get it. If you have it on the ground, it will be too easy for the rodents to nest underneath and sneak into the food any chance they get.

Set a live trap nearby. This will help catch rodents without putting the pets at risk. If you notice that you're catching an increasing amount of rodents, you might need to get a cat to do some mousing, or you may need to contact a rodent and pest control specialist to come out and find out where they're coming from.

Take a look at all of the feeders out there. Surely, you'll find the feeders for each type of pet that you own and won't have to rush around trying to feed everyone in a frenzy each day.

For more information on gadgets like large animal automatic feeders, contact a supplier near you.